Jolyon Palmer about habit Verstappen: "The other drivers hated him for it"

05-04-2020 15:30
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Jolyon Palmer about habit Verstappen: The other drivers hated him for it

During his explosive advance in Formula 1, Max Verstappen made a couple of enemies with controversial maneuvers. According to Jolyon Palmer, Juan Pablo Montoya used the same tricks in the last All-Star Cup of The Race.

Now that the normal Grands Prix cannot be held, several organizations have chosen to organize virtual races as a replacement. So did The Race, which invited several former Formula 1 drivers to its e-races, including Juan Pablo Montoya.

During the All-Star Cup race on Saturday, the Colombian made a number of controversial actions, which drew the criticism of Jolyon Palmer. "There were two incidents where Montoya was the culprit," the Brit says after the race.

A lot of criticism for Verstappen

"The first is with Gabby Chaves, going side by side in turn eight and nine. Chaves is therefore launched with too much speed over the grass and then into the wall. In a second incident Montoya is much too late. Sebastian Priaulx has his own fight and then Montoya comes right across in the braking zone. That's a big no no", Palmer clarifies.

The second action reminds the former Formula 1 driver of Max Verstappen. "That's exactly what Verstappen was criticised for in F1 and the rest of the drivers hated him because of that." Fortunately, the Dutchman has grown a lot since then and has left his dangerous tricks at home.

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