The five most spectacular races of the last ten years!

05-04-2020 12:26
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The five most spectacular races of the last ten years!

In the past ten years there have been a lot of exciting races. Think of the battles of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg in Bahrain, or the rain race in Canada, 2011. Some of those races will go down in history as spectacular races. Here is a top five of the best races of the past ten years.

5. Bahrain 2014

We'll start the list in Bahrain 2014. The race in which the rivalry between Hamilton and Rosberg became clear. The drivers of Mercedes were fighting each other from the start of the race and that went on throughout the race. F1 played this race again last week, to re-experience the tension between Hamilton and Rosberg.

4. Germany 2018

The first race in the list in which rain plays an important role. In an initial dry race it looked like Sebastian Vettel would win at home. All the more so because Hamilton had to start as fourteenth due to a problem in qualifying. However, the rain changed the whole situation. Vettel was unable to keep his car on the track, so Hamilton, after a fight with Valtteri Bottas, was able to take the win.

3. Brazil 2019

The race in Interlagos always promises to be a spectacle, and it was therefore a matter of choosing which year to be in the top 5. In the end we find the most recent race in this list. A race in which teammates touched each other, two teams from midfield finished on the podium and in which a lot of accidents passed by. In the end Dutchman Max Verstappen managed to finish the race first, ahead of Pierre Gasly and eventually Carlos Sainz. A first podium for both drivers.

2. Canada 2011

It's a very wet race, which took four hours. Of course we also find this classic on the list of best races in the last ten years. Jenson Button finally managed to win that race, after he was hit by punishments and collisions all the way to the back of the field. The two Red Bull Racing drivers at the time, Vettel and Mark Webber, also finished on the podium.

1. Germany 2019

In the first position there is also a wet race. On a track that started tremendously wet, and quickly dried up, it was waiting for the drivers' crashes. In a race where seven drivers didn't make it to the finish, it was Verstappen who was best able to cope with the changing conditions. Moreover, for Mercedes it was a weekend to forget, after Bottas crashed in the first corner and Hamilton fell far back due to a spin and a collision with the wall. So the top 5 consists mainly of wet races, but also of dry races with continuous battles at the front of the field. 

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