Massa about contract at Ferrari: "I had to keep it a secret from everyone"

05-04-2020 12:01
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Massa about contract at Ferrari: I had to keep it a secret from everyone

Felipe Massa has told his story about how he came in touch with Ferrari.The Brazilian almost took the world championship for the Italians in 2008, but with one point difference Lewis Hamilton took the championship in the end. Against Massa tells about what events led him to come into contact with Ferrari.

"In the same year I won the Italian and European Championships [Formula Renault 2.0]. After that a lot of people tried to let me sign a contract. One of those people had arranged an appointment for me at Ferrari". Massa knew at a young age that he could be under contract with Ferrari just like that.

Secret for everyone

"What I didn't know at the time was that they'd seen every piece of my data. They said: "Okay, we'll make a contract with you as a young Ferrari driver, but you can't tell anyone about it. That must remain a secret'". Massa signed an eight-year contract with Ferrari, which he was only allowed to talk about with family. He himself describes it as a very difficult period.

"After that I drove for Sauber, who had Ferrari engines, and at one point there was a call from Ferrari that they had made a decision and that I had to drive for them. from 2006 I drove for Ferrari. It became a dream come true for me", concludes Massa.

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