Perez angry at hospital: "Give money back to those that trusted you"

04-04-2020 18:07
by Editorial Team
Perez angry at hospital: Give money back to those that trusted you

Some Formula 1 drivers are usually already quite socially involved. In the time of the coronavirus, where the drivers have enough time to follow the news, this will certainly be the case. One of them is Sergio Perez, who is angry on Twitter about the failure of a Mexican hospital.

In the province of Jalisco in Mexico, there are currently only three laboratories that can and may perform legitimate tests for the COVID-19 coronavirus. The Puerto de Hierro hospital in Zapopan is not one of them, but decided on its own to carry out tests on anyway and that probably didn't go well.

A patient who was later found positive for the virus at another hospital, would initially have been sent away with a negative test at the Puerto de Hierro hospital. We are now investigating if this happened to several people and until that time the laboratory of this hospital is closed.

Hospital needs to compensate according to Perez

Perez is angry and slams the hospital on Twitter: "It can't be! I hope the least you will do is return the money of all of us who trusted you... but I would sincerely like to see you do something important for society to compensate for your serious failure. Today is a time for all of us to be united and support each other."

The hospital then responds with the following message: "Hello. We are in the process of contacting each of the people who took the test to offer them alternative solutions. It is our priority that each of them is satisfied. You can contact us by inbox or DM to assist you personally."

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