Circuit in Portugal has F1 license: Future Grand Prix in Portugal?

04-04-2020 12:44 | Updated: 04-04-2020 13:32
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Circuit in Portugal has F1 license: Future Grand Prix in Portugal?

The possibility of a Grand Prix in Portugal has increased, now that the circuit from Algarve has received the highest possible certificate from the FIA. The Algarve's International Racetrack has never organised a Grand Prix, but it has already organised several tests for F1 teams.

We have been trying for this since last year when we received an inspection carried out by the late Charlie Whiting and Eduardo Freitas. The changes requested by FIA were made and we have now received the highest level of certification from the federation", says Paulo Pinheiro, CEO of the circuit, to Portugal Resident.

Dit jaar al een F1-test

Through the assessment of the FIA, the circuit has made steps to get F1 to the circuit. According to Pinheiro, F1 cars are already going over the circuit this year. The circuit has already made an agreement with a Formula 1 team to hold a test in November. He doesn't let us know which team that is, because of "a confidential agreement".

Not only the F1 is the goal of the circuit, also the MotoGP is on the list to be hosted. "It's one of the possibilities, let’s see first how the pandemic evolves," says Pinheiro. He says that, due to the coronavirus, races will have to be scrapped. "If there are no major changes, it will be impossible for race organisers to hold on to the current calendar. There are too many races than there are possible dates."

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