Coronel about Marko's statement: "With his statements he shakes everyone awake"

04-04-2020 08:21
by Editorial Team
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Coronel about Marko's statement: With his statements he shakes everyone awake

Helmut Marko made a very special statement last week. The Red Bull Racing advisor would have stated that he would like to have Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon admitted to a corona camp in order to deliberately infect them. Tom Coronel and Robert Doornbos elaborate on the remarkable interview.

Marko himself said that he 'would never send his children to war just like that'. The Austrian television station would have cut into the fragments, so the statements would not have been entirely correct.

Coronel is in any case a fan of Marko: "I like him, he thinks differently", says the WTCR driver for Ziggo Sport. "The statements he makes shake everyone awake with them. Maybe it's also a bit of kicking against people's wrong leg, because he just thinks differently. He's just thinking of a solution."

Doornbos thinks Marko's overstepping the mark

Doornbos doesn't quite agree with his table mate. "You can't do that. Come on hey, you're really going through with it", is the opinion of the Formula 1 analyst of Ziggo Sport. "It's a bit out of context, of course. He thinks differently, but this is going to be a long way. I don't think it's very strange that it hasn't been received positively", he concludes.

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