Verstappen in uncertainty: "Hope we get to racing at all this year"

04-04-2020 07:47
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Verstappen in uncertainty: Hope we get to racing at all this year

The Formula 1 championship has come to a standstill and is expected to remain so for some time to come. A new Formula 1 calendar still seems a long way off and Max Verstappen agrees. The Red Bull Racing driver says he hopes that there will still be racing in Japan this year.

Friday night, Verstappen came into action twice on Suzuka. During the virtual championship Real Racers Never Quit the Dutchman managed to reach sixth and second place. That was enough for Verstappen to assure himself of the title.

About the Japanese track the youngest GP winner ever says: "We had some good races here in the past. I hope we will be able to race at all this year, and hope to be able to return to Japan because of our partnership with Honda, which makes it all a bit more special", he says to "You want to achieve a good result for all Honda fans in their home race there."

Ferrari and Mercedes not easy to beat

The highest goal is of course to become world champion in 2020 in the king's class of motor racing. However, the competition is not fierce. "We have to fight with Red Bull against Ferrari and Mercedes and they are not the easiest to beat", he concludes.

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