Ecclestone doesn't understand commotion: "I don't see difference between 89 or 29"

03-04-2020 16:54 | Updated: 03-04-2020 18:24
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Ecclestone doesn't understand commotion: I don't see difference between 89 or 29

This week it was announced that Bernie Ecclestone will become a father again at the age of 89. Of course that's not really commonplace and so there was some upheaval. However, Bernie herself doesn't understand why people are concerned.

"There's nothing that unusual is there? I haven't had a job for a little while so I have had plenty of time to practise!', says teh former F1-boss to the Daily Mail. "I'm very happy really for my wife, she's been looking forward to this happening for quite a few years so I'm happy she'll have someone after I'm gone"

Ecclestone doesn't care about age

"I don't see there's any difference between being 89 and 29,' Ecclestone said. 'You've got the same problems I suppose. It's alright, Bernie refers to the coronacrisis. "We're in Brazil at the moment so we have to wait a little while and see whether this little one is going to happen in Brazil or in England".

Ecclestone has built quite an extended family in his life. His eldest daughter Deborah is 65 years old. Bernie says the news has been received well by everyone. "Everybody is very pleased. They're all happy. 'Don't know what kind of father I'll be, probably better than before, probably a bit more relaxed!'

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