Formula 1 team boss: "Red Bull will also sell fewer cans due to corona crisis"

03-04-2020 11:43 | Updated: 03-04-2020 12:07
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Formula 1 team boss: Red Bull will also sell fewer cans due to corona crisis

Frederic Vasseur is happy with the fact that there is good cooperation within Formula 1 to survive the corona crisis. The Formula 1 teams have to contend with less income, while the costs are not falling as fast. This has consequences, also for drinks manufacturer Red Bull for example.

"This crisis affects everyone", Vasseur knows. In conversation with, the Frenchman of Alfa Romeo Racing tells us that we have to work together to survive this time. "As a Formula 1 collective we have to come up with a reaction. Finding solutions is not about who is hit hardest, it's about being hit as a collective and coming up with a strong reaction so that Formula 1 as a whole remains solid".

The 51-year-old chief is therefore pleased to see that all those involved in the king's class of motor racing actually want to work together and that political nonsense has now been left behind for a while. "The FOM (Formula One Management), the teams and the FIA work well together", says Vasseur. "I think that's a positive aspect of this crisis, that we now work more together. Together we are also stronger."

Consequences for Red Bull as well

Vasseur doesn't immediately know which teams will be hit hardest in Formula 1, but he rules out that there are teams that won't have to deal with the consequences of the coronavirus. "I'm obviously much more focused on the situation of my own team than that of the big teams - and I have to say that I'm not exactly aware of their situation either - but I think everyone will have to deal with it", says the team boss of the Italian race stable. "All car manufacturers are facing a crisis just as well and Red Bull is probably selling fewer cans than last year, with pubs and bars closed around the world."

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