Codemasters wants to add Zandvoort and Hanoi to F1 2019

02-04-2020 13:34
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Codemasters wants to add Zandvoort and Hanoi to F1 2019

Next Sunday the second edition of the virtual race of Formula 1 is scheduled and this time several F1 drivers will participate in the race. Codemasters is happy with the races and is doing everything to help.

For example, the field will not race over the circuit of Vietnam next Sunday, because in the current game, F1 2019, the circuit of Hanoi is not yet available. The same goes for the Dutch Grand Prix and therefore the drivers will drive over the circuit of Melbourne this weekend. Codemasters will see if this can be done differently.

F1 game wants to go forward

"The most important thing we're looking at right now are the new circuits. If we can somehow get those tracks into that old game, that would be great, of course. But it's not easy because those files are huge and that's a big challenge'', Paul Jeal said to

The franchise director of the F1 game also hopes to introduce new liveries for the upcoming races, so that the new drivers can drive with the livery of 2020 and not that of 2019. With the worldwide attention, that would of course be a good boost for the sport.

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