F1 can now be creative with ideas for the calendar

01-04-2020 20:18
by Editorial Team
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F1 can now be creative with ideas for the calendar

Since it is still not certain when there will be races again, Formula 1 will not be able to reorganize the calendar. The longer the pandemic continues, the more difficult it will become to process more than twenty races on the calendar. After all, the year is coming to an end, yet the current situation also offers new possibilities.

Creative calendar

It will be a challenge to reschedule as many races as possible and a few will drop out anyway. Especially as the start is always pushed forward and one wants to keep some space between this year's season and 2021. Nevertheless, Formula 1 can look at new possibilities in a creative way.

F1 analyst Karun Chandhok suggests this in Sky Sports' Vodcast: "This is an opportunity for Formula 1 to do things we haven't seen before. For example, driving two races in one weekend. You can then drive a race on Saturday and Sunday, just as a test to see how it works".

More races at Silverstone

Martin Brundle, commentator at Sky Sports, goes one step further although he is more expectant: "All Formula 1 teams can travel in Europe with trucks and we could get a combination of races. It is even possible that we will see two or three races at Silverstone to get it up and running again".

"It seems to me that the first couple of Grands Prix will be held 'locally' and then they'll see if longer trips can be made again". And the commentator also states that it is not possible for the teams to travel around the world with a huge group of people immediately after the pandemic ends.

Being innovative

Chandhok adds: "You can reduce weekends to two days and then set up two or three weekends in a row to make the season compact. That's an opportunity to be innovative, also for the future. Why not try that now? It's a tricky situation, but you can also take a chance."

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