Stroll warns top teams: 'We will continue to invest in our F1 team'.

01-04-2020 18:52
by Editorial Team
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Stroll warns top teams: 'We will continue to invest in our F1 team'.

With effect from 2021, the Racing Point team will be renamed the Aston Martin F1 Team, as Lawrence Stroll has acquired a large stake in the car manufacturer. This year the car brand is already on display at Racing Point, but the contract with Red Bull Racing is still being neatly worked out. Starting next year, Aston Martin itself will be an F1 team and that comes with some changes.


The deal with Aston Martin is now complete and that means that the previously announced plans will actually go ahead. It also means a new start for Racing Point as soon as the 2021 season starts and it will have an impact on the team back home at Silverstone.

Lawrence Stroll has been talking to the Racing Point website and here he says Aston Martin is a name to live up to. "With the Aston name comes more pressure and expectation. We will need to be competitive from the outset. But I have no doubt the team at Silverstone will rise to the challenge and do the Aston Martin name proud".

Deserved chance

"The group of men and women at Silverstone are true racers and their determination and spirit is one of the main reasons I invested in the Formula 1 team. After 30 years, they deserve this opportunity to represent this legendary brand". After all, Aston Martin is not just any brand, it has been successful in motorsport and is now being taken to the next level.

This is a multi-year plan, because Stroll will continue to invest in Aston Martin. He says: "We are continuing to invest in the team to give everybody the resources required and we will see the benefit of those efforts this year as Racing Point". In other words: expectations are high and people try to live up to them as well as possible.

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