FIA adjusts post-season testing rule

31-03-2020 18:59
by Editorial Team
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FIA adjusts post-season testing rule

As a result of the coronavirus, the teams entered into discussions with the FIA on the adaptation of the regulations for 2020 and 2021. One of the new rules included in the regulations is a relaxation regarding the test days, as can be read on the Formula 1 website.

Adjustment is required

In view of the fact that the situation has changed from day to day in recent weeks, Formula 1 faces an unclear future. It remains to be seen how the calendar will be filled in when it will be possible to race again, also the question is what the end of the season will look like and what impact that will have on the 2021 season.

One of the fixed moments after the last race in Abu Dhabi is testing for the following year. This was subject to strict rules, but there is now some relaxation. For example, the new regulations state that the teams may have one test day especially for young drivers.

The requirement is that this test day must take place within 48 hours after the last race of the season. The teams may use two cars, but that is optional.

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