"Only think about a new date when the coronavirus situation becomes clear"

29-03-2020 13:24 | Updated: 29-03-2020 13:29
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Only think about a new date when the coronavirus situation becomes clear

The postponement of the Grand Prix in Azerbaijan was not only a decision of the local organizer, but was supported by the measures of the government. That's what Arif Rahimov, CEO of the local organiser in Baku, said. He told Motorsport.com that the announcement of the postponement could not wait any longer.

"We had to make a decision now. Our first plan was to start work on the street circuit a week later. In that week there were many conversations between the F1, the government in Azerbaijan and us. We went through all possible scenarios and finally we decided to stop the work", Rahimov says.

Waiting for changing situation around coronavirus

"Due to the advice of the government, which was tightened up, it was clear to us that organizing a Grand Prix became impossible. That was the final call to make sure that we need to postpone the race until further notice". Because of the early postponement, the organization avoided a lot of costs. "We had already made some reservations, but those are things we can use for next year or for the race later this year."

Whether there is already a new date for the Baku GP is still unclear. "We have already organised a race in April and June, but we have to take a lot into account, like the schools here. The most important thing for now is that we have clarity in time, after all it will take two to three months to get everything ready."

According to Rahimov, there can only be speculation when the situation regarding the coronavirus is clearer. "We can't get a new date until things become clear. That makes a lot of sense. We can only set a date when the COVID-19 situation is clear."

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