Vasseur: "Everyone understands that it is crucial that solutions are found"

29-03-2020 12:47
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Vasseur: Everyone understands that it is crucial that solutions are found

The team boss of Alfa Romeo Racing, Frederic Vasseur, expects that organizing the postponed Grands Prix will be possible, but that certain things have to be changed to the current racing format of Formula 1. Vasseur expects that fifteen to eighteen races in six months with the current format will result in too much workload for the mechanics.

"I am in favour of all decisions that help us have as many races as possible," Vasseur told "If, like two years ago, we want three races in a row, it might be wise to turn them into two-day events. It is certainly a challenge to have fifteen to eighteen races in six months".

Cruciaal dat er oplossingen komen

According to Vasseur the big teams will suffer less from a lot of Grands Prix in a short time. "That would be a challenge for all teams, but even more so for the smaller teams, because unlike a large team we don't have the opportunity to get alternative mechanics. So we have to come up with something to reduce the workload for those mechanics".

Vasseur thinks that all teams are in favour of shortening a race weekend, if that leads to several Grands Prix that can be organized. "I think everyone is flexible about this. Everyone understands the situation and acknowledges that it is crucial that solutions are found".

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