Three years on the same Pirelli tires? "Depends how much we can test"

29-03-2020 08:30 | Updated: 29-03-2020 11:14
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Three years on the same Pirelli tires? Depends how much we can test

With the current chaos and uncertainty in the world at the moment, the question is what kind of Formula 1 season will remain in 2020. For Pirelli, it could also mean that they don't have time to make a new tyre.

This year the F1 cars would actually be driving with brand new tyres, but after a lot of criticism from the teams it was finally decided not to switch to the larger 18-inch tyres after all. As a result, the old tyres from 2019 will be used again, on the condition that there will be racing in 2020 at all.

Due to the postponement of the first half season, the FIA has decided to postpone the rules for 2021 one year and possibly the new tyres can also be postponed another year. "It depends if we can properly test them. Are there any possibilities at all under the current conditions? Especially if we consider that we want to have a championship in the second half of the year, with a lot of races in Europe and beyond", Mario Isola reveals in an interview with Auto Motor und Sport.

No other possibility

According to Pirelli's top man, it looks as if the 2019 tyres will have a third year of life. "Without testing I see no other option than to continue with the current tyres. Of course we can resume the development of the 18 inch tyres, but then we need to have testing capabilities. We will have to discuss that with the teams."

Despite the higher performance of the cars that will be on the track next year, according to Isola it will still be feasible to put them on the current tyres. "Of course we will have to react to the increased performance, such as a higher tire pressure. Clearly we can expect more overheating and wear and tear, but with the increased air pressure the tyre should be able to cope", he concludes.

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