Tost warns F1: "We have to race 10 to 15 races this year"

29-03-2020 07:59 | Updated: 29-03-2020 11:14
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Tost warns F1: We have to race 10 to 15 races this year

Due to the coronavirus, motorsport is currently completely stopped and the racing calendar for Formula 1 is one big question mark. According to Franz Tost, racing is necessary for for teams to survive.

As dominoes the Grands Prix have toppled over in Formula 1. Once the Australian Grand Prix was cancelled at the very last moment, it quickly became clear that the season should not be postponed by a few weeks, but by months.

The cancellation of so many races also meant a loss of income for the teams. Measures have been taken by the organisation of Formula 1, but Franz Tost doubts whether that will be enough. "They will only help if we will race at least 10 to 15 GP's this season", the AlphaTauri explains to

Can F1 survive?

According to the Austrian, meeting or not meeting that quota could have major consequences for the sport. "If we don't race or race less, it will not be enough to compensate our costs. Then the teams must come together to discuss serious measures."

"It's not about freezing a few parts, then you have to see how Formula 1 can even survive. It is now a hypothesis to discuss, but the disappearance of the season would really require drastic measures", clarified Tost. The teams, Liberty Media and the FIA are currently busy trying to figure out what kind of season is still possible in 2020.

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