'Hamilton cannot stand up to the aggression of Verstappen'

28-03-2020 09:46 | Updated: 28-03-2020 09:51
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'Hamilton cannot stand up to the aggression of Verstappen'

Now that the Formula 1 season 2020 has not started is a pity for many reasons. One of them is that we will have to wait longer for a direct fight between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. Former technical director Gary Anderson also regrets that, although he already has a favorite for that fight.

"It's the battle we all want to see," he says in an interview with The Race. "Hamilton is now 35 and Verstappen is 22, so there's 12-13 years difference between the two. They both started karting at a similar time, so Lewis has much more experience than Max and is much more race savy - he is world champion six times for a reason and has already done everything".

"Max is still a little wild here and there, but wild in a good way. He is very fast and very competitive, with great confidence in his abilities. So those two against each other would be great. But I really think I would put my money on Max, because he has that little extra aggression that can overcome the experience of Lewis".

Hamilton has shown weaknesses in the past

According to Anderson, Hamilton has never been an aggressive driver and has always had a good plan, making the best possible use of his abilities. In situations where the Briton was having a hard time, he didn't always show the same strength, according to Jordan's former technical director.

"Lewis has been in trouble a couple of times with his teammates, and I don't think he's responded well to that. When the car wasn't as good as it should have been, he complained too much now and then".

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