Like Canada we'll know more about the British Grand Prix after Easter

27-03-2020 18:24
by Editorial Team
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Like Canada we'll know more about the British Grand Prix after Easter

It has already been established that the first eight races of the F1 season 2020 have been cancelled or postponed. Formula 1 therefore has a few weeks to see what the next steps will be. Halfway through April, however, new decisions will have to be made. Not only for the Grand Prix of Canada, but now also for the Grand Prix of Great Britain.

The Canadian Grand Prix is currently on the calendar as the first race of the season. However, the organization in Montreal already indicated last week that they would like to have a decision about whether or not the GP will take place around Easter. Now the organization of the Grand Prix of Great Britain also indicates that they want to know what happens to their event after Easter.

Silverstone needs at least twelve weeks of preparation

Stuart Pringle, the man who will lead the event at Silverstone, explains to why: "Rather sooner than later we will have to make a decision, that's for sure. Twelve weeks in advance is the deadline that we can still prepare everything".

However, Pringle also realises that he is not entirely in control of the decision whether the race can go ahead. The British government, just like the rest of Europe, has come up with increasingly stringent measures to contain the coronavirus in the last week. Should there be a full lockdown, the circuit cannot prepare itself for a race anyway.

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