Drivers have created WhatsApp group to plan online races

26-03-2020 12:55 | Updated: 26-03-2020 13:14
by Editorial Team
Drivers have created WhatsApp group to plan online races

Now that Formula 1 hasn't started yet, the drivers have to do something else to stay fit. The new generation of drivers has found something for that: Sim racing. Apart from racing itself, they now also stay in better contact with each other.

That's what Louis Deletraz reveals on the website of Formula 2. The Swiss announces that the drivers have now set up a WhatsApp group among themselves, so that they can stay in touch around the races. The lack of races on the track forces the drivers to find other options.

WhatsApp for drivers

The goal is to organize as many events as possible to help raise the level of E-Sports. By doing this, the drivers stay sharp, have fun in racing and keep the racing spirit alive Deletraz.

For the time being, the group consists of a lot of people. Drivers from F1, F2, F3, DTM, Formula E and all kinds of other categories are in the group, the Swiss man tells us. Wednesday evening a large part of that group drove a simrace of iRacing. Max Verstappen was the winner.

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