Szafnauer has a clear message: ''Then we can race again soon''

26-03-2020 11:30 | Updated: 26-03-2020 13:14
by Editorial Team
Szafnauer has a clear message: ''Then we can race again soon''

Formula 1 is at a standstill for the time being and with the first eight races on the calendar postponed or even cancelled, the factories have to close down as well. Racing Point is no exception, now that all factories in England have to close because of the corona virus. Team principal Otmar Szafnauer gives his perspective on the situation.

''In the light of the government's decision, we closed our factory on Wednesday evening and will remain closed for at least three weeks. In principle, we want to start working again on Thursday 16 April. We have done everything possible to provide staff at home with the right resources so that they can continue to work,'' Otmar Szafnauer says in a statement from the team.

Szafnauer advises staying at home

Teams are having a hard time in this period, because there is no income coming in from TV and prize money. It is therefore a difficult period for Racing Point. ''It is an unpredictable period we are in and every day can be completely different. It is good that the FIA has decided to postpone the rules for a year", says Szafnauer.

For the people of the world, Otmar then has an important announcement. ''Stick to the government's guidelines and stay at home as much as possible. If we all do that then we can all be healthy again and the sooner this happens, the sooner we can race again," concluded the team boss of Racing Point.

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