Briatore about Verstappen: "There's no doubt that Max is better than Jos"

25-03-2020 18:38 | Updated: 25-03-2020 18:40
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Briatore about Verstappen: There's no doubt that Max is better than Jos

Flavio Briatore is enthusiastic about how Max Verstappen keeps appearing at the start of Formula 1. The Italian praises the aggressiveness of the 22 year old Dutchman and states that Max is much further ahead than Jos Verstappen years ago.

"There are people who complained about Verstappen, but he is the perfect driver to see on the track in my opinion," says Briatore in Beyond the Grid. The flamboyant businessman is of the opinion that there shouldn't be sweethearts in Formula 1 either. "You need drivers who can be mean."

The former team boss of Benneton and Renault goes on to say in the Formula 1 podcast that the current Red Bull Racing driver is a better driver than his father. "There is no doubt that he is better than Jos," Briatore continues. "They may have the same (last) name, but their driving styles are very different".

Briatore fan of Leclerc

Verstappens peer Charles Leclerc will also be discussed. Ferrari should have opted for the young Monegask much sooner if it was up to Briatore. "Leclerc is young. He has big balls and he shows that", the 69-year old chief says. "I would have had Kimi Raikkonen replaced by Charles two years ago."

Briatore has a good reason for that. "You know what it's like, you're not going anywhere with Raikkonen. You'll never win with him in the ranks. I took the risk of putting Leclerc in the wagon. Leclerc is a really, really strong guy," he concludes.

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