Verstappen: "It's time to go for the championship"

25-03-2020 15:26
by Lennard Verhage
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Verstappen: It's time to go for the championship

Max Verstappen has been in Formula 1 for five seasons and in recent years he has developed into an absolute top driver. The main reason he couldn't go for the championship was in the material, but the confidence with him and Red Bull Racing is there to go all the way this year.

Very much to his liking

"I'm having a great time with the team", says Verstappen in a promotional video of Mobil 1, "Everyone is very motivated and everyone works well together, I feel at home with the team and that's important. As a driver you obviously want to win championships and as a team we are working very hard towards that goal".

With Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Racing became world champion four times and that creates confidence with the Dutchman: "They have done it in the past and I believe in the team that they can return to that status. And our new partnership with Honda... we've just had a year and I think it will only get better. Winning the championship, that would be a successful year."

Best season so far

Verstappen has had a great season in 2019 which he ended with a third place in the final result, behind Bottas and current world champion Hamilton. He looks back on the past year with satisfaction, he says: "In general the consistency of the season, we haven't made many mistakes".

"Usually we maximized the results when we weren't in a position to fight for the championship. We've been on the podium, had good pit stops, made the right decisions, that makes it the best season of all seasons I've had".


In the past five years he has built up a lot of experience and together with Red Bull Racing he hopes to reach a climax: becoming a champion. "I'm still young and when I started I was even younger. I didn't have a lot of experience then and I've been on a natural learning curve ever since".

"You learn from your mistakes, you have good races and I'm very happy with the outcome so far. And now it's time to go for the championship!"

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