Cancellation of Monaco Grand Prix "hurts" Ricciardo

25-03-2020 14:17
by Lennard Verhage
Cancellation of Monaco Grand Prix hurts Ricciardo

For the first time since 1954 there will be no Grand Prix in Monaco this year, as it has been officially cancelled. This was announced by the organisation last week and the winner of the race in 2018, Daniel Ricciardo, is very disappointed by the cancellation. Slowly but surely the awareness is coming in that the season will look very different this year.

It hurts

In a Q&A on Renault's Instagram, Ricciardo elaborates on the cancellation of the race in Monaco. "I was looking at an onboard of Monaco last night and I got a bit sad. I really don't know where we are, and it hurts a bit. They all hurt a little, Melbourne, where we were so close. Reality is slowly beginning to sink in."

The first race after an unprecedented long stop will also feel a bit unusual and the driver already sketches a picture of how it will develop. "I'm thinking about qualifying myself last, because the first corner will be mayhem. I'll watch it all happen and then I'll lead the first lap. I'll put it on pole, but I'll voluntarily start last."

Where the first race of the season will be held is still unclear. Everything until the beginning of June has either been cancelled or postponed, so the eyes are on Montreal, where the race is scheduled for 14 June.

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