Honda works with Red Bull on new schedule during Lockdown

25-03-2020 11:44
by Editorial Team
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Honda works with Red Bull on new schedule during Lockdown

After the cancellation of the Australian Grand Prix, Honda was one of the most outspoken manufacturers supporting the decision of Formula 1. Even though Red Bull Racing had wanted to drive, Honda would not have done so. Now they are in full preparation for the actual start of the season, whenever that may be.

The cancellation of the Australian Grand Prix caused some logistical problems, also for Honda, who put all his employees in isolation at home for two weeks after their trip to Melbourne. Meanwhile they are planning for the uncertain months ahead.

"As soon as we found out that Australia was being cancelled, we started drawing up a revised work plan with our engineers in Japan, taking into account several possible scenarios for the near future," says Toyoharu Tanabe to RACER.

Coordination between Japan and England

What makes the situation even more difficult for Honda is the fact that their Formula 1 project operates from both Japan and Great Britain. As a result, the manufacturer has to deal with different regulations regarding the control of the coronavirus. It is therefore important that it knows where it stands.

"On the logistics side, it is not possible to be proactive in a situation like this, because at the moment no one knows when racing will resume. However, we now know that the first eight races on the calendar have either been postponed or cancelled, so we can plan for that".

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