Is Renault leaving Formula 1? "Maybe McLaren had no choice at all''

25-03-2020 06:56
by Editorial Team
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Is Renault leaving Formula 1? Maybe McLaren had no choice at all''

Despite the fact that the rules for 2021 now remain the same in Formula 1, McLaren chooses Mercedes engines anyway. This leaves Renault without a customer and that is striking, as Marc Priestley indicates in his new video.

Is Renault leaving Formula 1?

However, according to the former mechanic of McLaren there was no way back for McLaren. ''It's just like with a friend with whom you just leave the house for another, but then comes back because your new girlfriend is not yet ready to live together'', Priestley compares the situation between McLaren and Renault, which in principle would separate at the end of 2020 towards the new rules.

Still, it's not entirely normal, as the rules remain completely the same, Renault could have stayed on as an engine supplier as well. ''McLaren might not have an option. I hope not, but it could be that Renault pulls the plug on Formula 1 at the end of 2020 and that McLaren had no choice at all for 2021.''

Good step for McLaren

For McLaren, 2021 might be a difficult year because they now have to integrate the engine into the old chassis and come up with a whole new design. On the other hand, Priestley also sees advantages in the earlier collaboration with Mercedes and especially focused on 2022.

''With the Mercedes engine they get the best engine in Formula 1 and it's actually very good for McLaren to have been working with Mercedes for a year now. Actually they would only do so with completely new rules, but now under stable rules they can already have the opportunity to take a look and work on cohesion with the manufacturer'', concludes Priestley.

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