Mercedes partner INEOS also helps in COVID-19 combat

24-03-2020 15:14
by Lennard Verhage
Mercedes partner INEOS also helps in COVID-19 combat

INEOS is the new partner of Mercedes as of this season and they will also contribute to the prevention of the coronavirus. In the next few days they will start producing bottles of hand cleanser and they want to produce about one million bottles a month.

Two factories

INEOS has two factories, one in Middlesbrough in the UK and one in Germany, and together these factories will start production in the next ten days, the company announces in a press statement. In view of the threat of a shortage of hand cleansing agents, INEOS wants to make a contribution.

"INEOS wants to produce the standard bottle and the pocket bottle hand cleaning, which has grown in popularity, and we are already talking to various retailers in Europe. Supply to NHS hospitals will be free of charge for the period of the crisis".

As a manufacturer of essential health products that are widely used in hospitals, the company puts all the resources at its disposal to make a rapid transition to mass production.

"It is becoming increasingly clear that hand to mouth infection is a major cause of coronavirus infection and INEOS is Europe's largest producer of the basic ingredient of hand disinfectants. If we can find other ways to help in the coronavirus battle, we are absolutely committed to playing our part," said James Ratcliffe, founder and president of INEOS.

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