Formula 1 starts in France? "Plans are currently out of the question''

24-03-2020 11:27 | Updated: 24-03-2020 11:58
by Editorial Team
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Formula 1 starts in France? Plans are currently out of the question''

After the Azerbaijan Grand Prix has been officially cancelled and Canada's GP will almost certainly not be the start of the F1 season, all eyes are now on the French Grand Prix. Will the circuit of Paul Ricard be the stage of the Formula 1 season start at the end of June?

Due to the corona virus, the first eight races of the Formula 1 season have already been postponed or even cancelled. The Canadian federation has already withdrawn their athletes for the Olympics at the end of July and it doesn't seem logical that the country will bring a whole F! circus to Montreal for the Canadian Grand Prix.

Can we race in France?

France is the next race on the calendar, but circuit director Eric Boullier doesn't want to say anything about it yet. ''Nobody knows what the situation will be like in three weeks, so planning is pretty much out of the question at the moment. It is clear that at the moment there are bigger problems in the world than postponing an F1 race'', says the former team boss of McLaren against Canal+.

Boullier doesn't like it anyway, because the circuit was just about to make some nice changes. ''Just before the pandemic we were able to make big steps in the changes to the circuit, but that's now focused on 2021 and 2022'', says Boullier about the addition of slower corners so we can catch up better.

For the time being Formula 1 is still awaiting the developments surrounding the COVID-19 virus. As long as that virus is not eradicated, F1 will be difficult to start.

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