BREAKING: Azerbaijan Grand Prix officially postponed by Formula 1

23-03-2020 11:14 | Updated: 23-03-2020 11:20
by Thierry Bakker
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BREAKING: Azerbaijan Grand Prix officially postponed by Formula 1

The 2020 Formula 1 season is being kicked further and further by the COVID-19 coronavirus. After postponing the first seven Grands Prix, the sport seemed to start the season in Baku on June 7, but also that race is now off the track. 

The Formula 1 fans will therefore have to wait even longer before the season kicks of. Where the Australian Grand Prix was cancelled on the spot, the Grands Prix of Bahrain, Vietnam, the Netherlands, Spain and Monaco were later also postponed or cancelled. The GP of China was already cancelled before the start of the season and now the GP in Baku has been added.

Formula 1 fans even longer in suspense

This means that Formula 1 will start the season in Canada on June 14th at the earliest, but even that too does not seem plausible. Team Canada has pulled out the athletes for the Olympics at the end of July, because of the coronavirus. The chance that the country will let an event like Formula 1 go ahead is therefore doubtful.

The first race on the calendar will then be the French Grand Prix on Paul Ricard's magnificent circuit. The start of the season would then take place on June 28th, but the question is of course whether it will be possible to race again...

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