Marko reveals: 'Verstappen has told me he's afraid of being infected'

23-03-2020 10:47 | Updated: 23-03-2020 10:50
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Marko reveals: 'Verstappen has told me he's afraid of being infected'

Max Verstappen and Lando Norris will be back in action on Monday night for yet another sim race in a short time. Now that Formula 1 has been silenced by the coronavirus for a while, the young drivers are keen on success in online racing.

Helmut Marko cracks a smile when his pupils continue to train before the start of the F1 season. Alexander Albon isn't really active in online racing, but Verstappen is active together with Norris for several races. Both of them will race for the Team Redline racing team tonight.

Verstappen in action now

Marko spoke to Verstappen and told Kronen Zeitung that Verstappen is a bit afraid of the virus. ''He told me that he was afraid of being infected,'' said the Austrian. ''You'd better get infected now, because with 22 years you don't really belong to the risk group anyway,'' said the Red Bull Racing top man.

Verstappen will be back in action on Monday evening for an online race, after he missed the virtual race of Bahrain on Sunday. According to Kronen Zeitung, Verstappen has let it be known that he 'has too little experience with the F1 2019 game' and that he 'would rather race to win than drive at the back'.

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