Racing Point feel other teams “haven’t stepped up to the plate”

03-03-2020 16:58
by Bevan Youl
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Racing Point feel other teams “haven’t stepped up to the plate”

Racing Point technical director Andrew Green has said that other teams “haven’t stepped up to the plate” after complaints about teams 2020 cars likeness to Mercedes' 2019 W10.

After the first day of pre-season testing two weeks ago Racing Point were at the centre of attention when their RP20 hit the ground with several teams unhappy with its similarity to the championship winning W10 from Mercedes.
Billionaire Lawrence Stroll bought the team during the 2018 season and has supplied necessary funds to aid development.
While Racing Point insisted it was all their own design with inspiration from the previous years Silver Arrow, Green feels that the complaints are due to other teams not delivering as much.
“I think it boils down to the fact that some of the teams may have not done as good a job as they should have done,” said Green, as quoted by
“We are a team that finished fourth, two years on the trot, with next to no money at all. We were absolutely hand to mouth, and we [still] finished fourth in the championship.
“We showed we can do that with next to nothing. So for people to think that take a team like that, inject money and resources in, and it wasn't going to improve is naive.
“I think they just haven't stepped up to the plate. I think a lot of their frustration is probably looking inward and going ‘crikey, we haven't done a good job’.
That is what I would be thinking if I was looking from the outside in.”
Green is still adamant that they have played by the rules and that other teams could have done the same thing.
“I don't know what they've got to complain about,” he added. “What we've done is completely legal.

“All we are doing is racing with the rules that are written, which I think is the idea of the game.

“We've been given a set of rules, we're going as fast as we can. And if other teams haven't taken the route that we've taken for some reasons unknown to us, that's their decision.

“They had the opportunity to do exactly what we did but they elected not to for reasons I don't know."

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