Horner and Verstappen highlight improvements from the Honda engine

28-02-2020 16:11 | Updated: 28-02-2020 17:18
by Joseph Tyrrell
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Horner and Verstappen highlight improvements from the Honda engine

Christian Horner has insisted that despite the shortened amount of time for pre-season testing, the Red Bull team have been more productive than last year and are better prepared than 2019.

Max Verstappen and Alex Albon have been on all of the testing duties in Barcelona but they have encountered a few issues during the second week. However, the blame doesn't appear to lie with the engine.

Both Christian Horner and Max Verstappen have assured that the engine has come on and the reliability is very good.

“Three days is very little time per driver, but we have been productive, compared to twelve months ago we have driven more kilometers," Horner told GP Blog among others.

"We are better prepared than last year. The relationship is more mature between us and Honda and the reliability has proven to be very strong.

Verstappen admitted he couldn't add much regarding the engine but insisted it was a step forward as Red Bull enter their second season with a car powered by Honda.

"I can't say much about that, we'll see in Melbourne, but it's definitely a step forward, we can notice it in the car as a driver," Verstappen added.

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