Gasly: ​​"We're going to see some of our speed tomorrow"

27-02-2020 20:16
by Matt Gretton
Gasly: ​​We're going to see some of our speed tomorrow

Many teams focus purely on their own F1 test programmes and comparison between teams is unrealistic. Only in Melbourne will we see where everyone stands but tomorrow is the final test day in Barcelona where many teams are expected to give something extra. This is the case for AlphaTauri who haven't shown exactly what the new car is capable of. 

Push a little more

"Yes, we will see some of it, not everything of course, but I think tomorrow we can go push earlier than we did during the other days," Pierre Gasly told 

"We have tested and we know what the engine can do. Of course, we are not looking at pole position today, that is something for Melbourne. We must have a plan and I am sure that Daniil (Kvyat) will do what he has to do." Only Daniil Kvyat will drive the car tomorrow in the final day before the Australian Grand Prix weekend starts. 

Get more out of the car

The testing gives a good picture of what the car can do and now that the test days are almost coming to an end, Gasly states that they have not yet taken all the potential out of the car.

"It was decent, but I feel that there is more to get out of the car. But with the time we had I am happy with what we have," the Frenchman adds. 

"Honda is happy with its reliability. They are confident for the season. Last year they made a big step throughout the year. This year it's even better than last year. We haven't had any major issues in the last few days, so it's impressive."

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