George Russell: "The car was more consistent and nicer to drive"

27-02-2020 07:03 | Updated: 27-02-2020 07:17
by Louis Shaw
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George Russell: The car was more consistent and nicer to drive

George Russell is enjoying testing his Williams ahead of the 2020 season. Unlike last year, the team arrived on time and have been able to make good use of all the testing sessions so far. The team have used the testing to try different setups and some have been more successful than others. 

"We tested a number of aero items to get a greater idea of the spectrum of our car from top to bottom," Russell said. "Some of the changes we made were not as positive as others but definitely for our understanding overall, it was constructive.

"Come the end of the day, the car was more consistent and nicer to drive so we now need to look into the data to understand why that was the case. Ultimately, that is what testing is all about."

Williams will hope that they have made a more competitive car and that we see Russell fighting further up the grid this season. 

We will be keeping you up to date with all the action from day two of the second test in our liveblog. 

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