Verstappen: Red Bull suspension issue was just a "test item"

26-02-2020 18:53
by Matt Gretton
Verstappen: Red Bull suspension issue was just a test item

Overall, Max Verstappen finished second in the timesheets on the first day of F1 testing in the second week at Barcelona. A result that doesn't tell the true story of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing's day. The Dutchman was busy testing a variety of different things. 

"You just push the car, regardless of the settings that you currently have on the car," Verstappen tells GPblog and other media outlets. "It feels good right now, but I'm not trying to look at the [speed] too much now. The most important thing now is to try out different things to see how the car responds."

“Last year, we were sometimes good at the race and other times good at the qualifying only. Now, we must be good at both. We just have to do better overall and we are working on that. I think the car has definitely improved, and that is necessary if we want to fight for the championship."

Problem with front suspension was a test item

This morning, Red Bull Racing had the garage screens up as they were forced to make some serious changes to the car after just one lap on the track. We eventually found out this was a suspension issue and Verstappen says it's nothing to worry about. 

"That was a test item, so no problem at all. We will certainly try things, but I think all top teams will do that. I have no idea if we are close to where we should be. I hope so, but that is hard to say right now. Something that works here might not work at all in Melbourne," Verstappen added. 

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