Esteban Ocon expects 2020 cars to be fastest ever!

23-02-2020 13:53
by Adam Newton
Esteban Ocon expects 2020 cars to be fastest ever!

Esteban Ocon says that the 2020 cars could be the quickest ever, saying that we could see every lap record beaten over the course of the 2020 season. The year begins in just three weeks time when the Australian Grand Prix gets underway and Ocon is back on the grid with Renault after a year out of the sport.

With minimal changes to the rules from last season, the cars can almost be considered as simply an upgrade on their predecessors, so they are likely to be even quicker than last season.

Following the first test in Barcelona, Ocon told media: “I don’t know if it is the track. I drove on Monday on the filming day, and these new cars are impressive. I have never gone that fast in some corners before. So it feels good.

“It is definitely exciting because we are going to go faster and faster. We’re probably going to break all the records this year of lap times.

“With the amount of grip there is already this year, if you take in account the fastest lap time, we are already faster than the fastest last year from the first day. The car is a revolving year-by-year, and it is hard to compare. The amount of grip I feel now I never felt before.”

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