Mercedes also experiences engine problems during the first test week

23-02-2020 09:20
by Matt Gretton
Mercedes also experiences engine problems during the first test week

Although it appeared on the track as if the new Mercedes could not be broken, it turned out after the first test week that the Mercedes also had problems with the car. Due to electrical problems for Valtteri Bottas, an entire engine had to be replaced.

During the second day of testing, Bottas experienced electrical problems with the engine. Once back in the pits, those problems turned out to be so great that the entire engine broke down and a new engine had to be used. Andy Cowell, responsible for engine development at Mercedes, admitted that there were problems with the Mercedes: “We have a number of problems with the ERS side of the engine."

No major issues

“A lot is happening in Brixworth, a lot of development for the entire motor unit, including the ERS side. It is normal that we now have some problems. An enormous amount of work goes into building the right engine. Ensure that it is reliable, and ensure that the engine arrives at the teams on time so that they can also hit the track," he added. 

Mercedes was not the only team that encountered problems with the engine. Among other Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari , Alexander Albon at Red Bull and Nicholas Latifi when Williams had problems with the engine.


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