Ocon disagrees with Abiteboul: "There is not that much missing"

19-02-2020 13:07
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Ocon disagrees with Abiteboul: There is not that much missing

At MercedesEsteban Ocon saw the importance of a simulator. Renault team boss Cyril Abiteboul thought the Renault simulator could be better. Ocon does not entirely agree with this and believes that the Renault simulator is not too different compared to the Mercedes simulator. 

Renault is still missing something

"Of course there are things that we currently miss at Renault in the simulator, but I disagree with Cyril that a lot is missing," says Ocon. He thinks that the Mercedes simulator is a bit further than that of the French, that is mainly because Mercedes has invested much more time in it. 

"But to be honest it was fine, the feeling with the car is there," Ocon continues. “We just miss a few things, but that is not the end of the world for us. The boys know what they need to improve."

Almost like in real life

At Mercedes, the simulator has become a hugely important tool, especially during the race weekends. "Because it is a tool that represents 95 percent of reality, we can test almost anything at any time," concludes Ocon.

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