Huge mileage for Verstappen: "Relatively positive" says Horner

19-02-2020 11:57
by Matt Gretton
Huge mileage for Verstappen: Relatively positive says Horner

Max Verstappen has been one of the most consistent drivers during the morning session of winter testing in 2020. He has managed to record 91 laps, the most out of any driver on the track. Christian Horner reports that all data collected has been "relatively positive". 

Verstappen's fastest lap was a 1:17.787 in the four hours which puts him third fastest on Day 1. The Dutchman, supported by a fair few fans for winter testing standards, clocked up way more than a Grand Prix distance showing strong reliability from Aston Martin Red Bull Racing and Honda. 

Relatively positive

"It’s been relatively positive. It’s a beautiful day here. It’s still early days, he’s feeling his way into the car, he’s getting to know this RB16 and so far they seem to be getting on quite well," Horner said to Sky Sports. 

"This week we’re just very much focused on what we’re doing. Inevitably, people are taking pictures of the different cars and will be analysed by all of the teams. This programme is very much focused on as much we can learn out of these six days."

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