Why Red Bull and Ferrari will also have very big problems with Mercedes in 2020

10-02-2020 08:34 | Updated: 10-02-2020 09:12
by Matt Gretton
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Why Red Bull and Ferrari will also have very big problems with Mercedes in 2020

Mercedes won six world championships in a row in Formula 1. In 2020, the racing team based in Brackley is preparing for a new world title, but after six dominant years in which competition was nowhere to be seen at the end of the stage, it seems to become harder than ever in the coming season. 

The regulations will remain the same in 2020 and that normally means that the field is level. The past season ended with exciting races in which the differences were not massive. Except for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix where Lewis Hamilton ran away with it. Like rivals Red Bull Racing and Ferrari, Mercedes is using the 2019 car as the basis for the coming season, so at first glance, we seem to be facing an exciting season.

In what are does the Mercedes excel in?

But what has the Mercedes team done so well in the last seasons? The team's great strength lies in the organisation and the structure around it. For years, the German team has had peace of mind in the garage and little to no changes in the workforce. Toto Wolff has been the team boss for years, James Allison fulfills the role of technical director excellently and James Vowles proved to be an excellent strategist again in 2019. In addition, it has a top driver with Lewis Hamilton and it always manages to score good points with Valtteri Bottas.

Hamilton more motivated than ever

Hamilton will also be more motivated than ever. A real battle between the British six-time world champion and Max Verstappen is expected. It is something that Hamilton is really looking forward to, he already hinted several times last season. In addition, Hamilton will have the opportunity to level up with Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher. When the 35-year-old rider finishes at the top in the World Cup for the fourth consecutive year, he comes to seven world titles, equal to Schumacher's record.

And what can his Finnish teammate do? Will we see a Bottas 3.0 next season? There may be more pressure on Bottas next year than it was in 2019. Esteban Ocon, who had to watch from the sidelines last year, may have left for Renault, it is well known that Toto Wolff is charmed by the qualities of George Russell. If Bottas gets ridden by Hamilton, chances are very high that Russell (who will have 43 Grand Prix) will get the chance. How does Bottas deal with this pressure?

Mercedes will not hand out presents

For years, Mercedes had the most powerful and reliable engine. The title 'most horsepower' is the race from Wolff then perhaps lost to Ferrari last year, the reliability is still the best of all formations in the royal class of motorsport. In 2019 there was only one serious technical defect on the Mercedes. That line will also be continued towards 2020. As far as the engine is concerned, not much profit can be gained next season, so many upgrades are therefore not expected. 

If Red Bull and Ferrari want to have a chance to win the title, they have to do it themselves. Mercedes gifts are not to be expected. Everything will have to be right; from the engine, the chassis, the strategic decisions in the race, timing in the qualification, the choices of drivers on the track to the simulator work that is done in the weeks prior to the Grands Prix! Because everyone knows; Mercedes has this down to the last detail.


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