Alonso: “There are lies about my career that are not the truth”

31-01-2020 17:28
by Bevan Youl
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Alonso: “There are lies about my career that are not the truth”

Fernando Alonso has said that “there are lies about my career” that have been spread about the aftermath of the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix in which pictures surfaced of the Spaniard.

Back in 2012 at Interlagos Alonso, driving for Ferrari at the time, came within the grasp of a third Formula 1 World Championship when Sebastian Vettel’s Red Bull collided with Bruno Senna on the opening lap.
But Vettel made his way back up through the field to earn enough points to beat the Spaniard by three points and images surfaced afterwards of the then Ferrari driver looking sad and shocked.
But the 38-year old claims that wasn’t the case as it had been his reaction upon seeing teammate Felipe Massa emotions following the race.

"There are lies about my career that are not the truth," said Alonso to F1 Racing.

"I got out of my car and I was looking at Felipe, who for some reason could not stop crying. 

"He was with his mechanics and wife, so I was standing there waiting for him, seeing if he was okay. 

"The story was that I was in shock or sad - no, I didn't care that much. I wanted to give Felipe a hug."

Alonso also dismissed suggestions that he had been ‘selfish’ during his career, instead was committed to the team and split bonus earnings.

"At Ferrari and at other teams I always used to share my prize bonus with my mechanics,” he added.

"I thought if we were getting a podium or race win, it was not only me but team work. So, if I won $30,000 I would share it with my team.

"When I join a project, I commit 100% with that team and I dedicate my life to that team and those guys and they appreciate it. The last thing that I am is selfish. 

"Why is it that I have performed better than my team-mates? I cannot say sorry for that."


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