Hamilton: Vegan diet has helped his F1 career:"Veganism has eradicated low energy"

20-01-2020 13:34 | Updated: 20-01-2020 14:17
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Hamilton: Vegan diet has helped his F1 career:Veganism has eradicated low energy

Lewis Hamilton believes his Formula 1 performances have been improved because of his vegan diet. The six-time world champion has been a big advocate in veganism at it becomes more popular. The Mercedes driver suggests diet "eradicates" big oscillations in energy levels. 

"Ultimately, you want to feel great. You have to have energy, to be consistent. You don't want to have the big oscillations and highs and lows in your energy levels. Veganism has eradicated that," Hamilton told GQ Hype magazine. 

Getting older

Hamilton turned 35-year-old at the start of January and will start his 14th Formula 1 season in just a couple of months. Despite getting older, the Brit has often suggested he feels fresher than ever before and is excited by the 2021 rules and regulation overhaul. Hamilton throws it back to when he was just starting out in F1 and compares the difference. The vegan diet has helped him manage this difference. 

"When I was 22, it was raw talent. You've got an abundance of energy, you're fit and there are no aches and pains. But I'm always looking at how I can improve. Can my eyesight be better? Can my reactions be improved? Are there new ways of testing my reactions. There's a multitude of things and I'm always trying to raise the bar," Hamilton added. 

''One of the things was my sleeping pattern and not feeling right in the stomach. Your gut is your second brain. We're taught to drink milk and eat meat for protein and I started looking into other areas of research around all this. The first thing was, what's happening to the animals? Secondly, the impact it can have on your body. That's a free advantage I'm going to take. If no one else wants it, well that's their loss."

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