Zandvoort aiming to create a great event: "Full focus on 2020 edition then 2021...

18-01-2020 10:21
by Matt Gretton
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Zandvoort aiming to create a great event: Full focus on 2020 edition then 2021...

GPblog was present at the major media update on Friday and asked circuit director Robert van Overdijk about the renovations to Circuit Zandvoort. Is everything ready for Formula 1 in the Netherlands for the next three years or will things change in 2021 and 2022?

"We are first focusing on this year," Van Overdijk begins his story. Where Zandvoort is now standing, the circuit director is already very proud. "What we put here is quite unique in itself. We first focus on the first year to make it a great event and from the things we learn from it, we will undoubtedly take things to 2021 and 2022."

The interest in the event is so high and that is only good for Zandvoort. "Fortunately, we have already sold a number (not specified, ed.) Of tickets for years two and three. People just want to be there for the next three years."

Zandvoort was in close contact with FIA

Just like Jan Lammers, we asked Van Overdijk whether the 2021 rules had already been taken into account during the renovation of the circuit in recent months. 

"It is focused on the current rules. The moment that small adjustments have to be made from the new regulations, then that is possible. But everything is focused on the current F1 car and everything has happened in accordance with the FIA," Lammers said. 

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