Fernando Alonso believes Hamilton and Schumacher "dominated because of their cars"

16-01-2020 09:03
by Louis Shaw
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Fernando Alonso believes Hamilton and Schumacher dominated because of their cars

Fernando Alonso believes that both Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher only dominated the sport because they were in the best cars. The two time World Champion also believes that there was a big difference between Schumacher and Hamilton but backs to Brit to equal the all-time championship record. 

“Hamilton can win his seventh,” Alonso said to La Gazzetta dello Sport during the Dakar rally. However, Alonso believes that Schumacher was a better driver and that Hamilton would not excel in a midfield car. 

“Each have their own character,” Alonso said about the difference between Hamilton and Schumacher. 

“Both of them dominated because of their cars, which allowed them to do what they wanted outside of Formula 1.

“Michael had more discipline and preparation. He was more into the team dynamics. Lewis has a different character and lifestyle that would not be right if he had a normal car. His bosses would not be happy.”

Alonso spent a lot of time racing in the midfield, getting every inch he could out of a slower car. This is why many regard him as one of the best drivers but it seems he is jealous of the success Hamilton has gone on to have. 

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