Lando Norris reveals impact Valentino Rossi had on his career

14-01-2020 15:23
by Adam Newton
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Lando Norris reveals impact Valentino Rossi had on his career

It's clear now that Lando Norris' hero growing up was Moto GP sensation Valentino Rossi, and Norris has expanded on that at the recent Autosport International. Norris excelled during his first season in F1, showing his pace on multiple occasions and regularly finishing in the points positions.

He's said before how Rossi was his idol from a young age even though he decided to move into car racing rather than bikes.

He said: “I started watching Valentino before I started watching Formula 1, when I was like four years old.

“He was the first guy I watched in any sort of racing, whether it was cars, rallying, bikes or whatever.

“He was the guy who when I was such a young kid, I looked up to, and I dreamt of being like him in many ways.

“There are still things and characteristics that maybe I have which are similar to him, like my helmet design and the colours, and just things I like to do.

“He was the guy that inspired me to be who I am today.”

Could we see a Norris/Rossi car and bike swap similar to the Lewis Hamilton one a few months ago? I'm sure Lando wouldn't say no, but McLaren might!

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