Lando Norris: "Formula 1 isn't just a game of who can drive the best"

09-01-2020 11:25
by Louis Shaw
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Lando Norris: Formula 1 isn't just a game of who can drive the best

Lando Norris had a solid debut Formula 1 season but wants to make a few changes for 2020 and has looked to his McLaren teammate Carlos Sainz's driving style for some tips. 

"There is a general few things that are repetitive on some weekends, when we get to qualifying, how Carlos finds his time and how good he is at adapting to track conditions and everything - things like that," Norris told Autosport.

"One of the biggest things I'll be working on this winter is my knowledge of the car - how it works, not just how to drive it faster around corners or brake later."

Norris drove very well all season but was caught out a few times and struggled with reliability at a few Grand Prix. 

"When it comes to next season I [need to] put it together again, same as other things. I'm able to use those different techniques in different corners and different tracks," he said. 

"Formula 1 isn't just a game of who can drive the best, there's a whole package you need.

"Some of the time it's just been [about] focusing on all these different areas.

"[I had] up and down races and everything [in 2019] but hopefully being able to put everything together for ['20] when it's going to count even more."

2020 will be a key season for Norris if he is to push on and really prove himself. He is still young and will hope to help McLaren battle with the top three teams for places on the podium. 

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