Helmut Marko praises Max Verstappen for first year as team leader

08-01-2020 15:09
by Louis Shaw
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Helmut Marko praises Max Verstappen for first year as team leader

Red Bull Racing have signed Max Verstappen until 2023 and Helmut Marko believes he will continue to be a strong leader for the team. Marko has praised the way that Verstappen took over from Daniel Ricciardo and thinks that the combination of Red Bull, Honda and Verstappen will go on to have great success in the coming years. 

"Max was forced to take on the role of team leader after the unexpected departure of Ricciardo," Marko said to Motorsport-Total. "He did extremely well!"

“As a team, we didn't fall into a hole, but you felt that there was less certainty. The certainty that you lose if someone who takes the lead leaves."

Ricciardo's departure really shook the team and left Red Bull frantically looking for a suitable replacement. Having initially promoted Pierre Gasly, Alex Albon is the driver who has impressed most and will be the number two driver at the team next season. 

Red Bull want a driver like Valtteri Bottas at Mercedes. Someone who is capable of scoring points consistently without threatening the number one driver and causing tension at the team. 

They will hope Albon improves and that they can all work together for a championship win within the next four years. 

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