David Croft doesn't expect Hamilton's dominance to end any time soon

16-12-2019 13:40
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David Croft doesn't expect Hamilton's dominance to end any time soon

David Croft, Sky Sports F1 commentator doesn't expect Lewis Hamilton's dominance to end any time soon as works his way closer to Michael Schumacher's elusive seven world championship titles. Croft insists the six-time world champion isn't lacking any motivation despite turning 35 in January. 

"I was with Lewis last night, I saw him for a while and there is no lacking motivation when it comes to Lewis Hamilton thinking about next season. He'll have some much needed time off during Christmas and he'll come back fitter, faster and stronger than ever," Croft said in a conversation with Live Darts.

Hamilton will begin his 14th season in F1 when the Australian Grand Prix rolls around in March. The soon-to-be 35-year-old expressed how fresh he felt at the end of the 2019 F1 season and how excited he was by the 2021 rules and regulation overhaul. His father has also persuaded Hamilton to try and carry on for at least five more years. 

Speaking at the 2020 World Darts Championship, Croft made a link between four-time world champion Michael van Gerwen and Hamilton. Croft insists Hamilton will continue to pick up race wins and championship titles unless the others behind close the gap. He suggests they'll be no backing off from Hamilton as he approaches the back-end of his career. 

"It's like it is in darts, it's up to the rest to take up the challenge to Lewis Hamilton, he might be the Michael van Gerwen of the Formula 1 world, and I'm sure that's not a comparison that has ever been made in the past! But it's up to the rest to take the challenge to him, I'm sure they will and then Lewis will rise to that challenge," Croft added. 

"Lewis continually finds a way to rise above the rest of the field and that's the mark of a truly great sportsman." 

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