Pierre Gasly: "I put my parents in a difficult financial situation"

12-12-2019 16:40
by Louis Shaw
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Pierre Gasly: I put my parents in a difficult financial situation

Getting to Formula 1 requires talent, dedication and some serious financial backing. Pierre Gasly has taken the opportunity to thank his parents for their sacrifice in allowing him to get to where he is now. 

"This would not have been possible without my parents," Gasly said to L 'Equipe.

“When I was a go-kart, my father took care of the technology. One of my brothers also came to help. At the age of thirteen and fourteen I put my parents in a difficult financial situation by pursuing my dream.

“They had to make sacrifices. Also in terms of my four brothers, it caused extra pressure. Despite my young age, I was aware of it," continues Gasly.

In the end, it all paid off: “And at that moment I was still far away from F1. I always had to fight to get what I wanted, and that helped shape my character. They always said to me: "we give you what we can do your best." So nowadays I'm glad I can take them to the F1 paddock, it's my way of thanking them."

Behind every Formula 1 driver is a massive support network and it is often easy to forget the sacrifice that many have made to be where they are today. 

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