Ferrari reveal why they would veto Toto Wolff as F1 CEO

12-12-2019 14:12
by Adam Newton
F1 News
Ferrari reveal why they would veto Toto Wolff as F1 CEO

Rumours have been swirling around recently regarding Toto Wolff and Chase Carey's job as CEO of F1. Carey says that he does not want to job long term and Wolff has been identified as a potential successor, although the Mercedes team boos seems to have distanced himself from the role.

And now Ferrari have said that they would be against the idea of Wolff becoming effectively the new boss of F1.

Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri believes that Wolff would have a "conflict of interests" as head of F1, and he said at Ferrari's Christmas lunch for the press: "Anybody who's been an active and important player in a certain team within the last few years, to take on that responsibility at F1 would automatically create conflicts of interest, perceived or otherwise. I personally think it would not be a good thing.

"Our position is that if Mattia was the candidate to replace Chase Carey, I think the rest of the paddock would not be too happy with it. It's just logical."

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